Born in France, in 1943, in this luminous province of Brittany, so dear of painters, Anne-Marie GAUME wins, as she was 15 years old, the first price of painting of the Pas-de-Calais. She is interested by the oil painting, as well as the painting on wood, decorating doors, chairs, consoles... Her creativity drives her to the work of the "stitch" and to the creation of models of knit.

From 1993 she follows lessons of watercolor from John DELHON in the castle of Boissise Le Roi (Seine-et-Marne). To the continuation of the exhibition "John DELHON and its pupils", she is welcomed within the association "Friends of Arts". She has a passion for watercolor and its magic. Lover of intense colors, she merges there Indian ink, Pastel, Acrylic and Asiatic paper collage poetizing, in paintings she signs "Ny", a whole universe of landscaped abstractions : "Land of Legend", "Night Perfume", "Stones"...In March 1998, for her first exhibition with "Friends of Arts", she receives the "price of the city" of Le Mée for its painting "Dawn". In May of the same year, she participates in the 7th paint and sculpture show of BOISSISE LE ROI, then, in September, in the exhibition "Dreams and Lights" in the Priory St. Martin in MONTEREAU. In October, after having exhibited at the Plastic Arts Show of the Castle "des Bouillant" in DAMMARIE Les LYS, she participates in the 23th show of LIVES, with the honor guest Paul AMBILLE and where she receives again the "Price of the City" of Le Mée for her whole work: "Morning", "Gushing" and "Valley".

In November 1998 she exhibits in the "Espace St Jean" in MELUN with regional artists. Finally, in December, she has the honor to be admitted in the association "Shades and Lights" of BARBIZON.